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My proudest achievement was becoming a Mom to my two beautiful children Lauren and Ethan. However like all moms I spent all my time, energy and focus on my kids. In September 2015 my youngest child started school, this was a defining point in time when I decided to embark on a personal transformation that would improve my health, longevity and self-esteem. Initially my goal was to feel better by eating healthier and working out and lose a few pounds, I also started Weight Watchers. Fast forward one year I turned 40 and I have far exceeded my initial goals. I have lost 48Ibs (26% of my initial weight) ran my first half marathon in 1 hour and 59 minutes and I feel better and am healthier than I was in my 30's. Upon reflection, Sweat Cardio played a huge part in my transformation!!!!

The variety of classes and instructors kept me challenged as my fitness level progressed. The Sweat Cardio environment is very friendly and inviting even when I felt my most venerable. Lastly and potentially most importantly I found a network of like-minded supportive women. The friendly faces, fun and encouragement make me want to to come and workout every day. In closing I want to say a huge thank you to the Sweat Cardio team ( management, instructors and participants) you built me up and helped me transform my body and mind!!!!!

- Sandra Harrington

I have been taking Kim's Zumba classes for a little over a year. I will never be a great dancer, but there is less of me to move. (I do a combination of Zumba, walking, weights and Pilates, along with watching my diet.) I'm still a long ways from my goal, but I am making progress! Thanks for helping make it fun Kim! I am usually quiet in class, but always getting a good workout with a smile.

I joined Sweat Cardio in late 2013 to get more toned all over. I liked that this gym offers classes with trained instructors, and isn't just a weight room where you are on your own. After taking classes at Sweat Cardio for about 8 months consistently, I can barely recognize myself any more. I'm pretty fit today but there is always room for improvement! The classes and instructors here are terrific. Thank you Sweat Cardio for helping me get off my lazy butt and stick with it!

- Amy Bentley

I love exercise! I have always been a pretty active person and lived a healthy life style. A few years ago I joined Sweat because I wanted to take some classes, mainly yoga. I had fallen off the exercise track and had gained the dreadful 40s weight. I tried the yoga class and loved it, but then I saw spin on the schedule. I had always been very intimidated by those classes. I signed up for one and thought I was going to die! It was a killer work out. But before I knew it I was addicted. When Sweat Cardio started the 5:30 AM classes I thought there was no way I would ever get up and go! But I have to say that getting up and going has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. First off the instructors are awesome, love all of them! Second I absolutely love the group of crazy people who also get up at the crack of dawn to sweat with me. It is a great feeling to know that they are there and we all keep each other on track. I went thru a life changing experience earlier in the year when my 22 year marriage ended. I think that if I had not been part of this great group of women I would have completely fallen apart. But honestly I am in the best shape I have ever been, I feel good and I have done it just for me. I check in daily on FB when I leave Sweat because I feel so good I want to share it. Many of my friends have started their journey to health, I hope that I have inspired them to be the best they can for themselves! Exercise is like therapy for me!

Congratulations to Christin Dingler August Member of the Month

Christin's hard work and dedication to health and fitness inspired us to select her as our August member of the month. Hard work gets results and Christin is a prime example of that. Great job Christin, and enjoy your your member of the month parking spot all month long!




Losing weight after having a baby is so hard and I loved having a place to go where I enjoyed working out and had fun laughing during Zumba with Kim, weight training/biking with Jen and shaking uncontrolably in Pilates with Pam too! Thank you so much again to the entire Sweat team. I always feel welcomed and supported there! I have enjoyed all of the classes I have taken and hope to continue on my "get healthy" plan in 2013.




Congratulations!! Joy has been coming to Sweat since October 2012.

My name is Joy Anciano. I am a wife, a mother of 2 boys and a registered nurse. I joined Sweat Cardio because of a wedding/family reunion this August. Over the years, I've developed a very unhealthy lifestyle despite being in the medical field. I love food. I have an appetite that can easily match my two growing boys. I'm a self- confessed couch potato. On my days off from work, I look forward to watching anything and everything. Actually, I enjoy watching the food network, go figure.

I just got tired of waking up weak and stiff so I walked in to Sweat Cardio and I haven't looked back. On the very first class I took, I was hooked. Everyone has been friendly and supportive. All the instructors are an inspiration to me. Thanks to the cardio workout and yoga, I feel strong and flexible. Zumba is so much fun I feel as if I'm not exercising at all. The inches are coming off and I'm losing weight. The best part is picking up some dance moves from Zumba to embarrass my kids for this wedding....priceless.

Exercise is a significant ingredient in our effort to maintain good health. Yoga is, to me, the WD40 to my joints. I would like to thank the instructors Joyce and Petra for helping when one's anticipation surpasses one's ability.





Joining Sweat Cardio was the best thing I have ever done for my body! Thanks Michelle for putting together a great staff and great class schedule!

- Stephanie Kennison

CONGRATULATIONS Tara Fry - January Member of the Month!

Here's her story to fitness: I was bored and wanted to add something fun into my fitness routine. A friend of mine kept talking about Sweat Cardio and how much fun the classes were. It only took one class and I was hooked. And whether it is Kim making me shake my booty in Zumba, Jen kicking my butt in Pump, Allison pushing me to my potential i...n Spin, or Jean destressing me in Yoga I always leave Sweat Cardio excited to return.When I am at Sweat it is "me time" , something that all women have a hard time finding. However, this "me time" isn't really for me...it is for them, my two babies. I worked too hard for my little family to allow a unhealthy lifestyle ruin it. I spin, Zumba, run, Pump, and yoga for me because it will allow me a long healthy life with them. Thank you Sweat Cardio and all the instructors who help me continue on my fitness journey...my life long fitness journey.

My name is Julie DeJonge. I am a wife and a working mom with two teenagers. In January 2012, I was on the Price is Right. I was chosen to be a contestant. I did not like the way I looked on T.V., so my New Years resolution was to lose weight. My friend brought me to Sweat Cardio for Zumba. I absolutely loved it. It was so much fun. I decided to join and have been dedicated at least once or twice a day ever since. I was always intimidated by spin classes and was afraid to try one. I decided to start out with Pedal & Pump and did great. I am now obsessed with spin. I thought I could never do it! The instructors helped me overcome my fear. They have taught me that "our bodies are stronger than we ever thought possible". I am now down three pant sizes and have lost over 15 pounds. In the past, I have had two knee surgeries due to a torn meniscus in both knees and now they are stronger than ever. My favorite classes are Pilates Fusion, Pump, Sweat & Sculpt, Spin and Zumba. All of the girls employed by Sweat Cardio and the other members make me feel so comfortable and keep me coming back for more. I have made new friends and I love the way it makes me feel. Thank you Sweat Cardio, you ALL have changed my life!

Our first member of the month is... Mina B! She is a true inspiration to us all. Mina has been coming to Sweat Cardio and Yoga since July 2011 and takes Zumba 2-3 times a week. Mina has gone from a size 18 to a size 12!!! She has lost 24 pounds and now rivals the energy of her kids! She is excited to wear CUTE clothes and by using her skills as a seamstress has had to alter ALL of her clothing to fit her new figure!!! We appreciate our members and love to see success! Next time you see Mina give her a pat on the back for all her hard work!



Gisella Brosche has been coming to Sweat Cardio and Yoga for a few months. She has lost over 20 lbs and 3 pants sizes. She loves Zumba and how she feels when she is dancing. She stays motivated by her own energy plus the instructors make her feel comfortable. Not only is she able to wear all the clothes that she wants but more importantly she is strutting her stuff with confidence.



Amber Kirby has been working out since she was a teenager. She loves to get variety in her workouts and loves to be with people. She gets bored very easy so taking different classes at Sweat Cardio has been a great way for her to release the stress of being a working mom and a loving wife. She loves to eat, which makes working out that much more of a goal for her. Her new favorite classes are Spinning and Pedal 'n' Pump at 5:30a. Amber says, "You have to work hard to play hard."

Tony and Leanne Mass
Our fitness story goes way back. Tony and I have always enjoyed working out together and just spending time outdoors. Tony is in the Marine Corps so working out has been part of his daily life for the past 24 years. My days were full of raising boys and working at La Masters Jewelry, this did not always leave a lot of time to work out so I had to “fit” time into my schedule. On my husband’s last deployment I decided that I would occupy more of my time by finding a place to work out that would be fun and empowering. Sweat Cardio was down the street from my home so I went to a Yoga class. I was hooked! I love the Zumba, RIPPED, Pilates and Yoga classes. I was so impressed with the encouragement of the instructors and the friendliness of the members.

While on deployment my husband was injured and began physical therapy. When he returned I asked him to try Yoga and Pilates, as I had been going and thought it might help with his injury. The classes really made a difference and still continue to aid in his recovery. We enjoy being able to work out together and encourage each other to live healthy lifestyles.

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